Vanik Stays House Rules

House Rules

  1. No smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house. If guests want to smoke, they must do so outside, away from any open windows or doors.
  2. No pets: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the house, even if they are well-behaved or hypoallergenic. This is to avoid any potential damages or issues for guests with allergies.
  3. Quiet hours: Please respect the neighbors by keeping noise levels down after 10 pm. No loud music, parties or gatherings are allowed after this time.
  4. Maximum occupancy: The maximum number of guests allowed is as per the reservation made on Airbnb. Additional guests are not allowed without prior approval from the host.
  5. Shoes off policy: Please remove shoes upon entering the house. This helps to keep the floors and carpets clean and prevents any potential damage.
  6. No food or drinks in the bedrooms: Food and drinks are not allowed in the bedrooms to avoid spills and stains on bedding or carpets.
  7. Keep the house clean: Please clean up after yourself and keep the common areas tidy. This includes washing dishes, wiping down counters, and throwing away any trash or recycling.
  8. No illegal activities: Any illegal activities, including drug use, are strictly prohibited on the property. Guests who violate this rule will be immediately asked to leave without a refund.
  9. Respect the property: Please treat the house and its contents with care and respect. Any damages caused by guests will be their responsibility to repair or replace.
  10. Check-out: Guests are expected to check-out by the designated time and leave the house in the same condition as when they arrived. Please follow the check-out instructions provided by the host, including returning keys to the designated location.
  11. Parking policy: Please park in the designated area only. Do not block driveways or park on the street, as this may violate local regulations or cause inconvenience for the neighbors.
  12. No candles or open flames: To prevent fire hazards, candles or other open flames are not allowed in the house. Please use alternative methods for creating ambiance, such as battery-operated candles or dimmer lights.
  13. No unregistered guests: Guests are not allowed to invite any unregistered guests onto the property without prior approval from the host. This is for security and safety reasons.
  14. No rearranging furniture: Please do not rearrange furniture or move any items without permission from the host. This is to avoid damages or potential safety hazards.
  15. No weapons or firearms: For the safety of all guests, weapons or firearms are strictly prohibited on the property.
  16. Respect for the environment: Please help us conserve energy and resources by turning off lights and appliances when not in use and avoiding excessive use of water.
  17. Lost and found items: Any items left behind by guests will be held for a maximum of 30 days. After that, they will be disposed of or donated to charity.
  18. Emergencies: In case of an emergency, please call 108 immediately. For any other issues, please contact the host as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Check-in & Check-out Policy


  • Check-in time is after 2 pm, to allow sufficient time for cleaning and preparation of the property.
  • Guests are requested to inform the host of their estimated time of arrival in advance, to ensure that someone is available to welcome them and hand over the keys.
  • For late-night check-ins, arrangements can be made with the host for key pickup or a self-check-in procedure.


  • Check-out time is at 11 am on the day of departure, to allow sufficient time for cleaning and preparation for the next guest.
  • Guests are requested to inform the host of their estimated time of departure in advance.
  • Late check-out may be available upon request, subject to availability and an additional fee.

Flexible Cancellation

  • Full refund for cancellations made up to 48 hours before check-in time.
  • If guests cancel within 48 hours of check-in time, they will be charged for the first night of their stay.
  • If guests decide to leave early, they will not receive any refund.

Refund Policy

  • Guests will receive a 50% refund if they cancel at least 3 days before the check-in date.
  • If guests cancel within 3 days of the check-in date due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance (such as a natural disaster or illness), they will be eligible for a partial refund.